Q. how much are psychic consultations?

A. Psychic consultations are done in 15, 30, 45, and 1 hour blocks and can be done in person or over the phone. For 15 minute consultations, the price is $20 dollars and the other time blocks are priced at $1 per minute (i.e. a 30 minute consultation is $30, a 45 minute consultation is $45, etc). Please be advised that there is a $5 processing fee for consultations done over the phone.


Q. What is a “fixed” candle?

A. Fixing a candle is the process in which you add elements to your chosen candle to maximize effectiveness. You can add oils, herbs, flowers, crystals, coins, and anything else that will fit inside the candle and burn safely. Our staff are trained how to fix candles and will add oils, herbs, and/or stones based on your needs. A fixed candle will have an extra fixing charge added to the total candle price.


Q. How do i know what crystal i need?

A. We have found that people are usually drawn to the stones that they need. Whether it be a subconscious spiritual attraction or certain stone vibrations aligning with your own vibrational state, when someone picks up a stone and reads about it, they are surprised to find it is exactly what they ere looking for. Our staff is also extremely knowledgeable in stone meanings and interpretations and can help you if you become overwhelmed. We also have our store supply of stone and crystal guide books to help you out.


Q. how do i receive a psychic consultation over the phone?

A. To schedule a phone consultation with one of our spiritual advisers, simply call our store and ask what our availability is. When you are scheduled, we ask that you call 5 minute prior to the scheduled reading time in order to process your credit/debit card information. Please note that we must always process information this way and cannot save credit or debit card information for privacy purposes. There will be a $5 dollar processing fee for readings done over the phone.


Q. do you provide special ordering on products?

A. If we do not have what you are interested in, we will attempt to find and order the product to the best of our abilities.